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Proposed 2019 SLR for Benton County Circuit Court

UTCR 1.050(2) requires that the presiding judge must give written notice on any new rules or changes to proposed rules to the president of the bar association in the judicial district and allow at least 49 days for public comment.

Click here to download the proposed 2019 SLR. . These changes will take effect on February 1, 2019.

There are two proposed changes in Chapter 9:

1. UTCR 9.080 was amended out-of-cycle, effective January 1, 2018, to conform the rule to the changes in ORS 125.075(2).

The rule now requires an SLR 9.081 designating the manner for making oral objections instead of designating a place for making oral objections.

These out-of-cycle amendment requests are still in process. If the out-of-cycle is approved, there will still be the opportunity for public comment with that process.

2. The second proposed change is to add SLR 9.161, which would require that any accounting in estates and conservatorships must be submitted in the format specified in UTCR 9.160.

There are no other deletions or additions.

As required by UTCR 1.050(2)(e), proposed changes are noted in bold and underline, deletions are in brackets and italics

Please provide any comments to Linda Hukari or Judge Connell by Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Contact information is below.

Linda Hukari: Linda.Hukari@ojd.state.or.us
Judge Connell: David.Connell@ojd.state.or.us.