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Order PJ16001: Establishing Court Visitor Qualifications, Fee Schedules, and Standards

Presiding Judge Daniel Murphy issued Administrative Order No. PJ16001 establishing court visitor qualifications, fee schedules, and standards.

Click here to download and read the entire Presiding Judge Order.

Read a summary of the order below.

It is hereby ordered that

1. Qualifications: Court Visitors shall have the following qualifications:

A) A license in good standing as a professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical social worker, registered nurse, or attorney, or

B) Post-graduate degree, other master’s degree with substantial work in a behavioral science and at least two years of relative experience, or a law degree, JD.

C) The presiding judge or designee may determine whether the proposed visitor’s experience is sufficient and may allow substitutions for the above education and/or experience requirements.

2. Training: Visitors shall have the following training:

A) View the Visitor Improvement DVD, read the Linn County Handbook for Visitors, and file a certificate with the court certifying that the visitor has met this training requirement.

B) Visitors who are already approved must view the DVD, read the Handbook, and certify to the court that the visitor has done so.

3. Approval: The presiding judge or designee shall have the sole and absolute discretion to place or remove a person on the approved visitor’s list.

4. Standards and Procedures: Visitors shall utilize the following standards and procedures in the performance of their duties.

Visitors shall

A) Visit and Interview the protected person within 36 hours of appointment,

B) Interview persons deemed by the visitor to possess relevant information,

C) Review available records regarding the respondent and the need for a fiduciary,

D) Comply with ORS 125 150(3)-(10),

E) Ensure the report complies with ORS 125 144(2) and be in a form prescribed by the Linn County Circuit Court,

F) Be present at any hearing on objections to the appointment of a fiduciary as required by ORS 125 155(5),

G) Investigate and report to the court, interview persons with significant information about Respondent’s functional ability and alleged incapacity, provide a written report using the court approved format to the court within 15 calendar days of their appointment (five court days for emergency cases).

5. Fees: For cases filed after April 1, 2016, the visitor fee is a flat rate of $350 to be tendered by petitioners at the time of filing. Additional compensation shall be paid at the rate of $75 per hour. When petitioning for further compensation, Visitor shall utilize the same procedural process as a petition for attorney fees in cases under ORS Chapter 125.

Dated at Albany, Oregon, 4 March 2016.

Daniel R. Murphy
Presiding Judge

Download the full Administrative Order Here: Order No. PJ16001.