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News from Linn County Law Library: New Computers & Free Books

Since there were no objections from the November 2011request to the local bar for cancellation of print that was either duplicated online or not used, the Linn County Law Library cancelled those subscriptions in December. In order to continue to address the reduced revenue caused by 2011 – HB 2710, the law library will be vacating the backroom where the US Supreme Court, Federal and Regional Reporters have been held. The square footage of that room costs approximately $10,000 per year of the law library budget for the county’s indirect cost allocation. Because that case law can be accessed through Westlaw, it only makes sense to vacate that room. Therefore, we will be giving the following books away free:
• 6 Regional Reporters (2nd Series) & Pacific Reporter (1st,2nd & 3rd Series – Dec. 2011)
• Federal Reporters (1st, 2nd & 3rd Series – Dec. 2011)
• Supreme Court Reporters (1881-2010)
• Federal Supplement (1st 1-999 & 2nd 1- 670)
• Federal Rules Decisions (volumes 1-216)
ALR 1st & 2d
ALR 2d Later Case Service
ALR Digest
• AmJur Proof of Facts (1st – vol. 1-30; 2nd – vol. 1-50; 3rd vol. 1-65 (2001)
• AmJur Trials (volumes 1-81 updated 2002)
CJS (volumes 1-101A updated 2003)
• Words and Phrases (volumes1-46 updated 2004)
• Decennial Digest Table of Cases (years:1658 – 1999)
• Pacific Digest (585 P.2d updated through Dec. 2011)
• Oregon Reports Supreme Court vol. 1-45 (donated by Linn County Courts)
The old sets of ORS will be retained until all are available online at the state website. Please contact the law librarian at 541-928-1095 or email pschultz@co.linn.or.us by March 1, 2012 if you are interested in any of these individual or multiple volumes.

New Computers and WestlawNext:
New computers (replacing the ones purchased in 2003) with 22” wide monitors have been recently installed. WestlawNext, the newest version of Westlaw is now available and can be accessed in the computer room. Westlaw can still be used, so you have a choice. We continue to subscribe to the Westlaw National Pro Plan with numerous databases. Please contact the law librarian if you have any questions.