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UPDATE: Benton County Circuit Court Proposed SLR's - 2017

A draft of the proposed 2017 SLR’s for the Benton County Circuit Court is now available.

UTCR 1.050(2) requires that the presiding judge must give written notice on any new rules or changes to proposed rules to the president of the bar association in the judicial district and allow at least 49 days for public comment. These will take effect on February 1, 2017.

HIGHLIGHTS: Chapter 24 is being repealed. This is the chapter that deals with electronic filing, etc in Odyssey. Since all of the districts are now up on Odyssey, Chapter 24 SLR has been incorporated into Chapter 21 UTCR. A few specific items have been incorporated from SLR 24 into other chapters of the UTCR. For example, jury instruction language is now in UTCR Chapter 6 with trials.

This is our only change, there are no other deletions or additions.

As required by UTCR 1.050(2) (e), proposed changes are noted in bold and underline, deletions are in [brackets and italics]

Please provide any comments to Linda Hukari or Judge Connell by August 16, 2016.

Linda Hukari
Trial Court Administrator
Benton County Circuit Court
PO Box 1870
Corvallis, OR 97339

Honorable David Connell
Presiding Judge
Benton County Circuit Court

Benton County Supplemental Local Rules – 2017 – Draft