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Linn County Circuit Court Oregon E-Court Implementation Team

Hon. Daniel R. Murphy, Presiding Judge
Hon. Carol Bispham, Circuit Judge
Donald C. Smith, Trial Court Administrator
Leslie Cheney, Records Supervisor
Evelyn Raymond, Court Operations Supervisor
Frank Homar, TSS
Amy Fairall, Management Assistant / eCourt Representative to FIT Committee
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Oregon eCourt in Linn County

Oregon eCourt has been active in the Yamhill Circuit Court since June 4, 2012. Yamhill was the Pilot Court for the implementation of the Tyler Technologies Odyssey product. Crook/Jefferson, Linn and Jackson Circuit Courts are early adopter courts that will next go live with Odyssey. Crook/Jefferson and Linn go live on December 10, 2012 and Jackson goes live on March 11, 2013. The remainder of the circuit courts will be implemented in waves between August 2013 and June 2016.

One of the changes impacting attorneys and community partners will be in how you access court information. Odyssey is a paper on demand system. Documents will be stored electronically instead of in paper format. Currently, you have three ways to access information as an attorney or public agency from a court file.

OJIN OnLine: Paid subscription service which allows internet access to case records. Subscription gives access to the current OJIN Case Management System and the new Oregon eCourt Case Information System. (Currently only Yamhill Case Information is available in the Oregon eCourt Case Information System.)

• Courthouse Public Access Terminals: Free access to both OJIN and Oregon eCourt Case Information Systems.

• Physically go to the courthouse and request to see the file.


1. On or around December 5, 2012 public access to case information through OJIN or the Oregon eCourt Case Information System will be suspended for a
period of approximately three weeks in Crook/Jefferson and Linn. This is necessary for two reasons. All data in the OJIN System at this time will begin being converted to the Production Environment for Odyssey. This will take approximately 2-3 days. Once this conversion is complete, staff will begin to backload case information generated, but not entered into OJIN, during the conversion into Odyssey. This has to be completed in order to go live on Monday, December 10th. Once all of the data has been converted and back loaded, Salem, Tyler and local court staff will begin checking and verifying that the correct data has been loaded into the Oregon eCourt Case Information System prior to it being turned on for Crook/Jefferson and Linn counties. This took 10 business days after go live in Yamhill. With the experience gained in Yamhill it is hoped this time can be shortened but you need to know it could take the full two weeks after go live to complete this task.

2. If you currently have access to OJIN OnLine you also have access to the Oregon eCourt Case Information System. To sign into the eCourt Case Information System you will use your same user name. If it is the first time signing into the system you will be give a temporary password. You will need to follow the instructions to change your password. It is recommended that you use your same OJIN OnLine password.

3. The Oregon eCourt Case Information System displays information differently than OJIN. For one thing, comment fields that showed in OJIN do no show in the eCourt Information System.

4. You may not have access to the all the case types you had access to in OJIN. The Odyssey eCourt Case Information System does not automatically give attorneys of record access to confidential files such as Juvenile and Mental Health. In order to mitigate this you need to call 1-800-858-9658 and request to be granted access to “My Cases” on “My Account”. Once the steps associated with this request are completed and approved by the State Court Administrator you will have access to all cases where you are the attorney of record regardless of case type. However, this will not give you access to juvenile cases in general. If you believe you need access to juvenile or mental health cases where you are not the attorney of record you will need to include that in your request and detail specifically why you need this access. This request would be reviewed by the State Court Administrator and then you would be notified of the decision. If you wish to have access to all your cases, regardless of case type, you should complete this process immediately.

5. Currently there is no online access to any documents in the eCourt Case Information System. To view documents stored in the eCourt Case Information System you must currently go to courthouse and use one of the public terminals. Crook and Jefferson will have two public terminals available. This is an issue for the Pilot and Early Adopter Courts. Policy decisions regarding access to electronic documents over the internet have not be finalized and adopted by the Chief Justice. The goal is to have the policies in place prior to the beginning of the statewide Odyssey rollout next August.

6. Training: There is no formal training being provided for the eCourt Case Information System. A user reference guide has been created and is available on the OJIN OnLine site by clicking the support button.

7. Once Crook/Jefferson go live you will use the eCourt Case Information System to access circuit court information for the two of them as well as Linn and Yamhill counties. OJIN OnLine will still be used for courts not on the Odyssey Product. As courts implement Odyssey their names will be added to the drop box you use to choose court you wish to search for case information in the eCourt Information System.


1. Notices: As courts go live with Odyssey attorneys will receive electronic notification instead of paper notification of hearings, trials and judgment entry. The electronic notice will be sent to the email address on file with the Oregon State Bar. An updated attorney email file will be downloaded from the bar on a weekly basis. Any changes in your email address must be submitted to the OSB and not the court. If you wish the court notification to go to someone else in your office you will need to set up your email to automatically forward this information.

2. A new SLR, based on Chief Justice Order 12-040, will be implemented by each court at the time the court goes live with Odyssey that at a minimum will:

• Designate electronic documents filed with the court, or those documents manually imaged by the court, are the official court record;

• Allow the court to electronically sign documents;

• Prohibits combined motions and orders. No exceptions;

• Allow pro se litigants to request and receive notice by email;

• Allow Stipulated and Ex Parte Orders and judgments to be submitted electronically when eFiling is available.

3. eFiling: Yamhill will pilot eFiling with designated attorney firms in November or December of this year. The eFiling for pilot law firms in Crook and Jefferson will occur in January or February, depending on when Yamhill actually begins their Pilot. (The start of the Yamhill Pilot depends on the conclusion of discussions between Tyler and OJD and the signing of the contract.) The date eFiling becomes mandatory for attorneys in Crook and Jefferson is still to be determined. Until the contract is signed it is not possible to speak to the issues of cost or training for the use of this component.

4. Case Numbering: The case numbering system in Odyssey is a statewide uniform system and case numbers will be assigned in chronological order throughout the state. Cases converted from OJIN to Odyssey will retain their OJIN case number.
5. Case Categories: All cases will fall under one of four broad case categories in Odyssey. These are Criminal, Family, Civil and Mental Health and Probate. The biggest difference you will see involves juveniles. Juvenile Delinquency cases will fall under criminal while Juvenile Dependency cases will fall under Family.

OETO/Ed Jones / November 6, 2012