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Participation between LBBA and OSB

The Oregon State Bar (OSB) is currently looking for five (5) candidates who are interested and willing to serve a three-year term on the House of Delegates (HOD).

The HOD has a significant amount of authority but requires a minimal time commitment. With only two conference calls and one half-day annual meeting held at the OSB Center each year this is a great opportunity for members from across the state to convene and discuss important issues facing our profession.

For those members willing to commit significantly more time, the OSB is also looking for candidates interested in serving on the Board of Governors (BOG). There is one vacancy on the BOG for members in our region.

The deadline for candidates to file for the HOD election is March 15 and the BOG candidate deadline is May 14.

At the March 20 CLE at 11:45a, Katherine Denning, of Boaz Law Firm, will speak about various BOG and HOD opportunities. She has served on the HOD before coming on the BOG.

For more information, contact Katherine at katherine@cartyboaz.com.